Taisho Ward - 大正区

JOY Taisho

Japanese Name: JOY大正Prefecture: OsakaCity: Osaka - TaishoAddress: 大阪府大阪市大正区平尾4-23-10Type: Sento w/ natural hot springWebpage: https://ucme8.crayonsite.net/Price: Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: TuesdayHours: 14:00-23:00
ReviewA hot spring sento that's very popular with local geriatric set in this hard working waterfront Osaka neighborhood. The two baths are on the first and second floors and change between men and women. Only the second floor bath has a rotenburo, in composition the first floor has a very large salt sauna. Make sure to check out the dangerous looking key for the door to that sauna. Large signs along the side of the walls here tout the "100%天然温泉" in the baths. Only the cold water and carbonated baths are not filled with the spring water here. The effect of the spring water on your skin will become apparent a few minutes after getting out of the bath. In the water there is a slight slipperiness to it and a slight ferrous smell to the slightly brown tinted very hot water. The main deep bath is billed as a "flowing bath" and is always spilling over the granite walls that keep it in. In the corner are two awesome sunflower style jet baths. I also liked how many great places there were to sit in and out of the baths. I came here with my 2 year old and found that keeping an eye her was very easy but the water a bit too hot for a long bath.
Hot Spring DataType: Simple hot spring - 単純温泉Well Temperature: 48.1

Kouwa no Yu

Japanese Name: こうわの湯(旧:やまとの湯 大正店)Previous Name: Yamato no Yu - TaishoPrefecture: OsakaCity: Osaka - TaishoAddress: 大阪市大正区千島1-23-85Type: Supersento w/ natural hot springWebpage: https://www.kouwanoyu.com/Price: ¥700Holiday: NoneHours: 10:00-24:30
ReviewThis has reopened as Kouwa no Yu and the new owners are doing a good job with the property. *Below is my review from when this supersento was owned and operated by Yamato no Yu. *
Old ReviewNot too special chain supersento in a residential shopping district.Yamato no Yu supersento never fail to be the McDonald's of bathing. This one is no exception. That's not to say the water is bad. In-fact the alkaline water felt quite good despite being heavily chlorinated.The feature bath had a nice waterfall that you could sit against with a few nice places to relax in. I quite enjoyed it to be truthful, but the rest of the baths were so-so. Some of the landscaping was just not there, bare dirt. The entire building was well used.Not worth going out of your way to and It's a long walk from Taisho station. The walk through a nice residential district of Osaka is enjoyable if you enjoy that. Otherwise, you might want to consider taking the bus if coming from the station.Decent water and a few good baths but crowded and showing signs of heavy use.
*Photo is from when this was Yamato no Yu*
Update 2018: Much better with the new management. They have a good Instagram account.
Hot Spring DataWell Name: Yamato Onsen - やまと温泉Type: Simple hot spring - 単純温泉pH: 7.9Type: Weak alkaline - 弱アリカリ性Well Temperature: 37.3Type: Hot spring - 温泉Osmotic Pressure: Low - 低張性


Japanese Name: 三光湯Prefecture: OsakaCity: Osaka - TaishoAddress: 大阪府大阪市大正区三軒家東1-16-9Access: Taisho Station / 大正駅Type: Sento Price: Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: SaturdayHours: 15:30-24:00
ReviewLocated down the street from Taisho station this beautiful sento was one of the first I came across as a student in Japan. I was walking around the area following a random route between some stations when I saw the red ゆ on the side of the building. At that time I wasn't yet brave enough to jump into any random sento, but I wish I had. Finding this place, which I now know as Sanko-Yu, again was quite fun.The exterior is one of the best in Osaka, the interior is retro all the way to the video games and washers in the corner.The Baths were very well laid out giving a lot of space. The main baths were connected in a cascading system going from electric -> shallow -> deep. The adjacent herb bath was a not as warm and comfortable. In front of the simple dry sauna (fee) was a long rectangular cold water bath that was brilliant on the hot afternoon I popped in for a soak.Surprisingly there also was a small, three person max, shallow rotenburo. Not much of a view other than straight up and not much to look at, but still it was a nice touch.Sanko-Yu is a great station close sento worth checking out.


Japanese Name: ゆぽぽPrefecture: OsakaCity: Osaka - TaishoAddress: 大阪市大正区南恩加島6-5-5Type: SentoWebpage: http://yupopo.jp/Price: Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: ThursdayHours: 13:00-25:00 (Sunday 6:00-25:00)
ReviewVery fun, child friendly sento built in large open space on 4 floors. My daughter enjoyed the rotenburo the most, but I think that was because she was having fun making silly faces at some other kids. The cold water bath, also outdoors, had a great fresh smell to it that was really relaxing. All of the washing areas were spread around the baths on angles and in corners. It makes washing off fun having your own little area. There is also an bath with ultrasonic waves being sent through it which, according to the sento's website, is good for your metabolism. The two different bathing areas change everyday.