Neyagawa City - 寝屋川市

Shinmachi Onsen

Japanese Name: 新町温泉Prefecture: OsakaCity: NeyagawaAddress: 大阪府寝屋川市萱島東2丁目2−10Closest Station: Kayashima Station / 萱島駅Category: SentoWebpage:新町温泉(寝屋川市)/Price: Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: WednesdayHours: 14:00-24:00Review:Just a beautiful sento that really feels like it is part of the community it is in. Great tile work and rooftop outdoor bath is great on a sunny afternoon.Visit Date: May 2017
Old photo with old previous name

Yukai no Yu - Neyagawa

Former Name: Neya Kotobuki no YuJapanese Name: ねや寿の湯(旧:ねや寿の湯)Prefecture: OsakaCity: NeyagawaAddress: 大阪府寝屋川市池田中町32−22Access: Neyagawashi Station / 寝屋川市駅 - Korien Station / 香里園駅Type: SupersentoWebpage: ¥770 (Weekends & holidays: ¥870)Holiday: NoneHours: 8:00-25:00 (Sat Sun Holidays 6:00-25:00)
ReviewNeya was one of my favorite supersento then they turned off the hot spring, with no reason given. Maybe it got contaminated. To replace the spring water they have treated the water in the main rotenburo to make it feel soft, so it is not that bad. I just cannot feel right paying the same price for no natural spring water in this supersento. It is a very well designed supersento however. There is a great selection of temperatures in the indoor baths including a warm heavily carbonated bath. Good place but ¥800 on the weekends for no spring water is a bit steep.
Update January 2020:They turned off their hot spring well for a while but were bought out by a different company, changed their name and seem to have reconnected their hot spring.