Toyonaka City - 豊中市

Arugo no Yu

Japanese Name: あるこの湯Prefecture: OsakaCity: ToyonakaAddress: 大阪府豊中市神州町1-16Access: Mikuni Station / 三国駅Type: SupersentoWebpage: Weekdays ¥800 (Weekends and Holidays ¥900)Holiday: NAHours: 10:00-26:00
ReviewArugo no Yu is a recently built in 2014 or 2015 this supersento is connected to a pachinko parlor. The baths are very well made and many out of the soft concrete which I personally enjoy. One of the outdoor baths on the corner of the building offers a few of the Kanzakigawa river. One of the baths had a large cedar (I think) tree trunk in it for floating on. That was unique and fun to play around with.

Gokuraku Onsen

Japanese Name: 極楽温泉Prefecture: OsakaCity: ToyonakaAddress: 大阪府豊中市服部寿町2丁目14−5Closest Station: Hattori-Tenjin Station / 服部天神駅Category: SentoPrice: Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: 2nd & 4th TuesdayHours: 13:00-25:00 (Sunday: 7:00-25:00)
Review:Very local place with strong local following. Interesting two floor design with a decent steam sauna.
Visit Date: November 2017

Kofuku Onsen

Japanese Name: 幸福温泉Prefecture: OsakaCity: ToyonakaAddress: 〒560-0034 大阪府豊中市螢池南町3丁目3−3Access: **Closest sento to Itami (Osaka) Airport** 10 min from Hankyu Hotarugaike Station / 阪急蛍池駅Category: SentoWebpage:幸福温泉(豊中市)/Price: Prefectural Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: MondayHours: 15:00-24:00
Review:Some sento are just good at being average. They have all the basic parts and they do it right. That is what Koufuku Onsen epitomizes. It has an electric bath, deep bath, shallow bath, bubbles, jets, and a sauna. The cold water, cold kakari and cold shower are probably the high points of this sento for me. Overall, awesomely simple. If I lived in the area, I would be happy to have it as my local.Visit Date: October 2020

Rotenburo Tako-Yu

Japanese Name: 露天風呂たこ湯Prefecture: OsakaCity: ToyonakaAddress: 大阪府豊中市曽根東町6丁目7−15Type: SentoWebpage: Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: ThursdayHours: 15:00-25:00
Review"March 2020 Update: First time back here in over 10 years. One of the quirkiest sento around and the best takoyaki of any sento that I know. Seriously, this is also an eat in or take out takoyaki stand. The tako motif is strong here with 2 huge murals with octopus on the outdoor walls. Inside on the main rear wall between the men and women's indoor bath is also a large octopus mosaic. The outdoor bath (rotenburo) that this sento puts in its name is a bit small, but it is well designed with a lot of the floor space reserved for the two baths. Inside this is also a smaller sento with a tight changing room and bathing area. That said, it is well designed and flows well. Nice cold water bath in the grotto under the stairs and a strong wide jet massage bath round out a lovely sento. Maybe due to the takoyaki shop or maybe not, you take off your shoes after paying at the front and before you enter the changing room.

It's hard not to find Tako-yu thanks to its giant namesake octopus painted on the side of the building. Tako is the Japanese word for octopus. If the giant mural on the outside doesn't impress you, the giant tile mosaic of an octopus on the inside should. There are many more unique features of this sento besides the murals. First off it has a very odd layout where the shoe boxes are inside the building behind the front counter, opposite of the normal design where the shoe boxes are at the front door. The changing room of this sento is quite small, actually the entire place is smallish but it's high ceiling and more than ample skylights give the baths a wide fresh feeling. The baths are also well kept and comfortable. They have, quite possibly, the best jet bath I’ve ever experienced with its 5 strong jets hitting my back in just the right spots. I was amazed. The lovely cold shower and second floor outdoor bath round out a near perfect design. Of course, they also have takoyaki, a dumpling with a piece of boiled octopus in the center, for sale."
Visit date: March 2020

*Closed* Harima Onsen

Japanese Name: 播磨温泉Prefecture: OsakaCity: ToyonakaAddress: 大阪府豊中市庄内幸町2-21-10Type: Sento
Review*Closed* Very friendly sento with a strong neighborhood feel to it at the end of the shotengai leaving the station heading west. There is a koi pond in the changing room that my daughter loved. Very large and spacious changing room also. Baths are pretty normal with some interesting tile work. No cold bath, but there are two wonderful showers to make up for it. The tubs have that great Osaka style worn in feel to them. Very, very friendly staff. Oh! Make sure to check out all the old style stretching and exercise apparatus in the changing room.

*Closed* Honan Onsen

Japanese Name: 豊南温泉Prefecture: OsakaCity: ToyonakaAddress: 大阪府豊中市豊南町西4-3-2Type: Sento
Review*Closed* Simple but pretty sento. There's great neon signs outside. Inside the two sections of washing areas have different showers. The higher and smaller one took a while till the hot water got hot. The lower and bigger one seems more used and has strong water coming from new shower fixtures. The jets stand out at this sento. The "super jet" is a sunflower type jet that was perfectly placed in the bath. There's also a massage chair in the bath next to it. This is a rare item in sentos. The sauna is free, but a sign asks you to use a bath towel. Also unique is that the remote for the TV is left in the sauna for customers to use. Make sure to check out the ingenious use of a mirror to let everyone in the sauna watch the TV. Outside is a half-rotenburo. The skylight that encloses the small bath only opens halfway, but the atmosphere is pleasant thanks to a tile painting of a bucolic river scene. Given that planes fly right over the sento on approach to Itami Airport, I wished there was a better view of the sky.

*Closed* Toyonaka Onsen

Japanese Name: 豊中温泉Prefecture: OsakaCity: ToyonakaAddress: 大阪府豊中市本町1−5−14Type: Sento

Review*Closed* This small sento 5 minutes from Hankyu Toyonaka station was quite pleasant. Toyonaka Onsen left me feeling quite good. The steam sauna was the high point of the experience for me. Not a typical gas sauna, this one was heated by two shower-heads that would spray out ultra hot water on a timer filling the room with hot steam, initially I thought it wasn’t hot enough, but given time it did its job of warming me up quite well. The design of this sento was a little awkward due to the small area the designers had to work with. The baths are quite small and most could barely fit two. The bubble bath is also situated so that you could not enter it without stepping over another bather’s legs. The showers are also situated quite close to the baths and close to each other making it also very easy to splash your neighbor. This sento’s very convenient location makes it very convenient.