Ayabe City - 綾部市

Ayabe Onsen

Japanese Name: あやべ温泉Prefecture: KyotoCity: AyabeAddress: 京都府綾部市睦寄町在ノ向10Closest Station: Category: Hot Spring FacilityWebpage: https://www.ayabeonsen.com/Price: ¥600Holiday: 2nd & 4th MondayHours: 10:00-21:00Review:Very rural hot spring facility located at the end of a small valley with parks and outdoor recreation facilities. Although recently remodeled (2019) it seems that only the outdoor baths were changed. The baths had a very municipal feel to the design with the cedar baths outside standing out. The water was outstanding and immediately noticeable on the skin. This is one of the very slippery and silky springs that stay with you well after you get out. No jet baths or much here, but the water quality makes up for the lack of diverse baths. The cold water bath felt outstanding and I assume that it is using local well water. A sign in the changing room asks guests to drink the local well sourced tap water, so the cold water bath is probably using the same source. That well water is delicious. Another great surprise was the medicated bath. Typically they use commercially available bath salts, but not here--at least it seemed. The bag of roots, flowers and leaves steeping in the bath looked like it was picked by the local staff on the way to work and the smell reaffirmed that. There is public bus access from Ayabe station and hotel on site. A great place to visit on a weekend drive from the city.
Visit Date: May 2019 *Hot Spring Data*Spring Type: Bicarbonate spring - 炭酸水素塩泉

*Closed* Daikazoku no Yu

Japanese Name: 大家族の湯Prefecture: KyotoCity: AyabeAddress: 京都府綾部市味方町倉谷13Category: Hot Spring Facility
Review:Sitting in my rental car after driving up to Daikazou no Yu. Situated in the sleepy village of Ayabe up in mountainous northern Kyoto prefecture. This hot spring will permanently close tomorrow (May 20, 2019). It is strange to see a place on it's last few days, especially a place so well designed. I have seen many sento and supersento close over my years here in Japan, but never one so beautifully appointed. Done in the austere and clean modern Kyoto style with a lot of exposed concrete and square places, this is a well designed bathhouse. The spring water was soft and left slight, yet noticeable, calcium deposits. A quality well. The bath design was superb with long infinity pool bath overlooking the city below being the biggest draw, but the walking bath and the tub baths were also a treat. All the staff were kind and cheerful, despite the circumstances. So why is this place closing? I do not know why. The baths, inside and out did smell like chlorine and when brushing my teeth the shower had a strange smell. Despite being super clean, the changing room had a strong smell to it. Even some boys were commenting on the smell. But, I do not think the baths were the problem. Perhaps this complex with the baths, restaurant and hotel was too much for this little city. If you see this post and can make it to Ayabe today or tomorrow (in 2019), please try to make it to Daikazou no Yu as it is your last chance. I am very glad I did. Visit Date: May 2019