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湯 (ゆ/yu) means hot water in Japanese. Bathing in natural hot springs is done throughout the world wherever the geothermal situation has allowed springs to develop. Japan is fortunate to have springs located across the nation and a culture of bathing has grown up around them from the beginning of history. 

In Japan for health and recreation is a national pastime and an attraction for tourists from around the world. Bathers have a choice from remote springs in the mountains to grand hotels. This site focuses primarily on the area around Osaka and on the local sento (銭湯) bathhouse. Also listed are larger more commercial supersento, and the various other ways you can experience onsen (温泉) hot springs. Not all of the locations listed have wells that fill tubs with natural hot springs, many only use normal tap water.

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If you are new to Japan and hot spring bathing--yes you have to be naked, but don't worry as everyone else is too--then check out the Basic Guide and About section.

As of January 17th, 2016 there are 332 locations reviewed on this site. There's a giant map too.