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September 15, 2020 Update:

  • Yamaguchi Prefecture: Took a solo Seishun 18 Kippu trip to ride the Ube Line in Yamaguchi and visited 3 places. A sento and supersento and that was so bad I am not linking to it here.
    Konparu-yu is in a great location in an area with not many other options, 5 min from Iwakuni Station.
    Onsen no Mori is a supersento style day use facility in the Yuda Onsen area of Yamaguchi City. Great option if you are not staying in one of the many hotels.

  • Okayama Prefecture: On the way home from Yamaguchi I hit up 2 more sento near Okayama station. One of them was too weird to post here the other was fine.
    Aioi-yu is a great option between Okayama station and Okayama Castle.

  • Kansai Area: 2 new-to-me sento in Kansai
    Shōwa-yu is 3 min from Hankyu Awaji and great but only a bit small. They are also participating in a Minoh Beer promotion at the moment.
    Midori-yu is a very local sento in Suita near the JR station.

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湯 (ゆ/yu) means hot water in Japanese. Bathing in natural hot springs is done throughout the world wherever the geothermal situation has allowed springs to develop. Japan is fortunate to have springs located across the nation and a culture of bathing has grown up around them from the beginning of history.

In Japan bathing is a national pastime and an attraction for tourists from around the world. Bathers have a choice from remote springs in the mountains to grand hotels. This site focuses primarily on the area around Osaka. Information on local sento (銭湯) bathhouses, the larger more commercial supersento (スーパー銭湯), and other less classifiable hot springs. Some of these locations just use the municipal water, some augment their water with radon gas or water softeners (軟水), lastly some have wells or springs that fill tubs with groundwater.

I began going to hot springs while at university in the United States and found it the best therapy for my upper back pain. Since moving to Japan I have also found bathing as a great stress reliever and a great way to explore the country.