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August 22, 2020 Update:

  • Hiroshima Prefecture: My daughter and I did another mini trip that gave me the opportunity to go to 3 new locations and get a photo for the New Japan capsule/sauna.
    Ho no Yu Ujina is a decent supersento with a natural hot spring.
    Ondo Onsen is an amazing hot spring sento on the edges of Hiroshima's nightlife district.
    Kurihara Onsen is a sento that is 3 minutes from Onomichi Station.

  • Kansai Area: 3 more places in the Kansai area.
    Yofudo Onsen is a rural hot spring that the entire family enjoyed and want to return to.
    Nagasu Onsen is an amazing sento in Amagasaki. I would love to live near here to go more often. Also, this means that I only have 1 or 2 more locations to visit before completing Amagasaki.
    Kaminaka-yu is a great option near Tsuruhashi Station that has a lovely outdoor cold-water bath.

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August 10, 2020 Update:

  • Ise City: My daughter and I went to Ise and Toba for a mini summer vacation. Ise has a surprising number of sento still active and I chose a hotel here because they were cheaper than Toba, had better access to a supermarket and, most important better access to sento. Asahi-yu is one of those ideal sento and worth a visit for any enthusiast. Reisen-yu had some of the best well water fed baths I have experienced. If it only it had a cold water tub, it would be in my top 10 list.

  • Tottori, Hyogo and Okayama: We on a weekend trip to the Tottori and Hyogo border to swim in the ocean, and on that trip I was able to tick off a few municipal and rare hot springs. Utopia Hamasaka is a deal at ¥300 yen and you can boil eggs in the spring water for free. The view from Sakyu Onsen Fureai Kaikan is just as good as the spring water, the best quality of this bunch. Lastly is a hidden little hot spring village in the hills near the Tottori and Okayama border. Awakura Onsen is on the Chizu Kyuko Railway and can be fit into an excursion into this region.

  • Kansai Area: Momodani Onsen is a spartan but refreshing sento near the Loop Line station of the same name. Yuzakura is a new supersento near KawanishiNoseguchi station in an area with out many other options.

  • Other Updates: Finally posted a review of Kin no Yu in Arima and revisited the renovated public bath under the Kyoto tower. Both places that I am indifferent to.

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June 23, 2020 Update:

  • Added: Kotobuki no Yu in Sanda. This place took over the old Kumanosato Supersento space, did a big clean and made a supersento worth checking out.

  • Added: ManyoClub in the Harborland area of Kobe. This day use hot spring and resort hotel was underwhelming if you just want a bath.

  • Added: Fukufuku Onsen in Fukusaki north of Himeji. Great location 5 min from a rural train station. While the spring water was decent the lack of diversity in bath temperature was disappointing.

  • Update: Mori no Yu, the closest bathing option to Himeji Station, is going strong and a great place to remember if you are in the area.

Coronavirus Update: Here in Kansai region inter prefecture movement was allowed for casual reasons since June 20th. Sento seem to be unchanged as they are a public health facility. Supersento and other bathing facilities seem to be open with limited occupancy, mask requirements, and body temperature checks among other requirements. I am still trying to stay in Hyogo for hiking and hot springs and happy to get back into the water.

April 7, 2020 Update:

  • There should be 504 reviews now online.

  • All reviews have been checked and should be up to date.

  • Added Kaze no Yu in Kawachi Nagano, A few more in Ikeda, a hidden secret of a quality natural spring in residential Sakai and a very rural municipal bath in Kato.

  • Stay home. I have not been out to take a bath in more than a week now and I am really craving some ofuro time. I hope all the small sento and hot springs get support from the Japanese government to cover their losses during this difficult time with the COVID19 virus. Looking forward to hitting up countless sento once everything returns to what ever the new normal will be.

  • Thanks to the virus and being stuck at home I hope to have a renewed and better understood hot spring classification section up soon.