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There are 23,000km or so of rideable train lines in Japan. I want to ride them all.

The Marshall Islands and Micronesia are connected to the world thanks to this flight between Honolulu and Guam.

Osaka Loop Hike

[Under construction] There are trails that connect the mountains from Suma all the way to Kada. Over 3 years of day hikes, we walked it all.


[Under construction] Forever delayed trip report.

An oddity on the JR East map in southern Nagano Prefecture

I guess everyone wants to go to Kyoto. If you must go, here's my recommendations.

KTR Trip

[Under construction] Now its called Kyoto Tango Railway but I still use the old name Kitakinki Tango Railway

Are your Yamareco uploads looking like this? Here's how to fix it.