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There are many resources for finding sento and onsen throughout Japan. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but these are the sites that I use or have looked over.

English language

Out of the way, beautiful, and rare hot springs in Japan and around the world. This site has a huge list of places across Japan. Connected to Onsen Meijin below.This site focuses on the wonderful city of Beppu and a Dutch resident who became an "Onsen Master" by visiting 88 of the springs.
  • Decoding Kyoto: The Sento [ Website ]

  • Onsen Blog by Sonoe [ Blog ]

  • The Way of the Hot Springs [ Blogspot ]

Another person who completed the 88 springs challenge in Beppu with his son. He was featured on NHK a few times.The official English language tourist site for Beppu.

Japanese Language

Public Bathhouse Associations

These are the associations that govern public bathhouses (sento)

Information for people with tattoos


  • Getting Wet: Adventures in the Japanese Bath. Talmage, Eric. Kodansha, Tokyo. 2006 [ GoodReads ]

  • 旅先銭湯 [Tabisaki Sento] Edited by Matsumoto, Kōji. Sairosha, Kobe. 2018 [ さいろ社 ]

  • 別府八湯温泉本 [Beppu Hatto Onsenbon]. NPO法人ハットウ・オンバク. おおいたインフォメーションハウス, Beppu. 2017


  • まっぷる 関西 日帰り温泉 [Mappuru Kansai Higaerionsen] published yearly

  • るるぶ 日帰り温泉 関西 中国 四国 北陸 [Rurubu Higaerionsen Kansai Chukoku Shikoku Hokuriku] published yearly