Aioi City - 相生市


Japanese Name: 都湯Prefecture: HyogoCity: AioiAddress: 678-0041 兵庫県相生市相生3丁目619Access: Bus from JRWest Aioi Station / JR西日本 相生駅Category: SentoWebpage:都湯Price: Hyogo Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: Monday, ThursdayHours: 16:30-20:00
Review: Peak retro onsen vibes here. Only open for less than 4 hours a day, only 5 days a week, and on a bus line that doesn't run a convenient service. You must thoughtfully plan your trains and buses or drive well past Himeji to visit this place. Due to those pesky bus schedules, I only had about 30 min to make it from the bus stop to the sento, get in the baths, then hustle back to get back on the bus. It was doable, but it was a challenge. Please be careful when visiting retro sento like this. The floors are old, and the glass is brittle. While the bath was fine, you will not get all frills here. It is just a single tub. What you come here for is to bathe in the ambiance of this fantastic place.
 Visit Date: August 2022

Peron Onsen

Japanese Name: ペーロン温泉Prefecture: HyogoCity: AioiAddress: 兵庫県相生市那波南本町8−55Closest Station: NishiAioi Station / 西相生駅Category: Hot Spring FacilityWebpage: ¥750Holiday: TuesdayHours: 10:30-22:00
Review:Named after a local style of small style or racing boat with a history from China. The bathhouse in on the second floor of a local goods shop, restaurant, leisure boat parking facility in Aioi city near the Okayama border. The building is decorated in a Chinese looking style and very bright. It's located in a harbour and is classified as a Umi no Eki (海の駅) as compared to the more common Michi no Eki roadside stations. I guess you can park your boat here, have dinner and take a bath.The onsen is a radioactive one and not too apparent while bathing in it, but it leaves a nice feeling on the skin once you get out. There is an outdoor bath but it just looks out on a warehouse across the channel. Not much to see at night. Very simple and very well used but descent. Not worth driving all the way from Nishinomiya for this one. Since it's the only natural hot spring in the vicinity so if you happen to be in the neighborhood looking for a soak it is the only option.
Interesting place.
Visit Date: July 2019 *Hot Spring Data*Spring Type: Radioactive spring - 放射能泉Well Temperature: 29.8°CTemperature Type: Warm spring - 低温泉pH: 8.68pH Type: Alkaline - アルカリ性Osmotic Pressure: Low - 低張性