Fukusaki Town - 福崎町

Fukusaki is famous for Kappa and other Japanese Yōkai monsters.

FukuFuku Onsen

Japanese Name: 福ふく温泉Prefecture: HyogoCity: FukusakiAddress: 〒679-2212 兵庫県神崎郡福崎町福田118−3Access: JR Bantan Line, Fukusaki Station - JR播但線福崎駅Category: Hot Spring FacilityWebpage: https://www.fukufukuonsen.com/Price: ¥700Holiday: TuesdayHours: 10:00-22:00
Review:I had be interesting in visiting this facility very close to Fukusaki station for quite a while when a hike in the nearby mountains gave me an opportunity to try it out. On this day I really, really needed a bath--seriously, I am sure I smelt horrible! Generally I found Fukufuku refreshing but suffering from the drawbacks of rural baths like this. There was no variation in the water or temperature. The baths were all filled with the same decent spring water but they were all at the same temperature, There was not a cold water bath or sauna. Instead there was a miniature ganbanyoku (Korean style hot stone bath bath) that I did not have the time or towels to enjoy. The outdoor area was beautiful but being on the first floor of what I think is an apartment building or elder care home. The top floors could just look down into the baths from the balcony. There was screen covering the baths on the women's side at least. That said while the water was noticeable it was unremarkable. However do to the location and quality materials used in the construction I would consider going back if given the chance. Seeing that there is not much in other options in the area it is a good bath to consider if you are in the area.
Visit Date: June 2020 *Hot Spring Data*Spring Type: Chloride spring - 塩化物泉Well Temperature: 21.5°CTemperature Type: Cold spring - 冷鉱泉pH: 8.2pH Type: Weak alkaline - 弱アルカリ性Osmotic Pressure: High - 高張性Well Name: FukuFuku Onsen - 福ふく温泉