Kakogawa City - 加古川市

Akane no Yu - Kakogawa

Japanese Name: あかねの湯 加古川店Prefecture: HyogoCity: KakogawaAddress: 兵庫県加古川市尾上町池田635-48Type: SupersentoWebpage: http://bemss.jp/akane/cont102.php?kmws=at3cobl3to2acg4sdrofuakna6Price: ¥670 (Weekends & Holidays: ¥770)Holiday: NoneHours: 9:00~24:00
ReviewIt's odd to find a supersento without a homepage, but Akane no Yu is just one. (edit: found the webpage, it's a weird one that looks like it was made in 1998) I stumbled on this one thanks to a Google Maps search and randomly attending a badminton tournament at a nearby junior high school. Akane is a well built, large bathing complex and very much in place in the city of Kakogawa.One thing to realize is that this is not a real onsen. There is no well. Anything called "onsen" is made by adding minerals and chemicals to the water just like you might do at home. That aside, the water here was not bad at all. I really enjoyed the amount of carbonated or micro-bubble baths. Perhaps the best selection around of bubbly baths.The baths were in a compact, but well laid out area. Good tile work and stone around the baths. The washing area showed a little wear, but nothing to complain about. There were also many showers here.

Chiyo no Yu

Japanese Name: 千代の湯Prefecture: HyogoCity: KakogawaAddress: 兵庫県加古川市加古川町溝之口120-1Type: SentoWebpage: https://chiyonoyu.jimdofree.com/Price: Hyogo Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: NoneHours: 7:00-23:30
ReviewThis friendly sento is a decent, but not too far walk from Kagokawa station. Apparently popular with families, I found everyone here to be quite happy. The rock filled foot bath is great after a long day of work or walking. It's something I have not encountered anywhere in eastern Hyogo or Osaka. The only other one I have seen a foot bath like this is in Himeji to the west. The food counter in the lobby looked good, but I didn't try it. My only complaint about this sento was how small the changing room is.


Japanese Name: みとろ荘Prefecture: HyogoCity: KakogawaAddress: 兵庫県加古川市上荘町井ノ口520Type: Hot Spring Hotel w/ day useWebpage: http://www.mitoro.co.jp/mitoroso.htmPrice: ¥600Holiday: Second Wednesday (Jan, Aug, Dec Excluded)Hours: 10:00-22:00
ReviewInteresting location with some unique baths filled by a surprisingly good spring that is underutilized in my opinion. This is one of the rare carbon dioxide springs like Yokatan not too far from this location. I did really like the rural, slow and relaxed feel of the place. One of the baths was made in a poured concrete way that reminded me of hot springs in the USA where things are being done by quasi-professionals who build stuff but haven't really built any baths or pools before. There were a few things that make it hard to recommend this place, basically said needs a good clean up and repair. Access via a nice walk from Yakujin Station on the Kakogawa Line.
Hot Spring DataType: Carbon dioxide spring - 二酸化炭素泉

PukuPuku no Yu

Japanese Name: ぷくぷくの湯Prefecture: HyogoCity: KakogawaAddress: 兵庫県加古川市加古川町南備後字松葉315-1Type: Supersento w/ natural hot springWebpage: http://yu-yu1126.net/inn/kakogawatennenonsen-pukupukunoyu/Price: ¥500Holiday: The 3rd Thursday of even numbered months.Hours: 9:00-24:00 (Weekends Holidays 7:00-24:00)
ReviewI came out of PukuPuku confused--architecturally confused. Just what style was this place going for. There was retro sento tile work, wooden Princess Mononoke-esque Japanese nature stuff and some clean and stoic stone work all mashed up together.The changing room wasn't properly designed for the amount of water and humidity that it has been exposed to. Some of the flooring and wall papering had begun to peel under the abuse. In the baths and saunas it seems consumer products were used instead of proper commercial use fans and instruments.The real kicker was that the entrance and changing room for the women's bath is on the 3rd floor with the restaurant and relaxation rooms. All of the baths are on the 2nd. While not uncommon, it seemed like that could have been avoided in the design phase. These factors combined led me to believe this was a first time supersento for the architect.The place itself isn’t bad, it just confused me the entire time I was there. Everything else was quite fine. The materials used in the baths was all very good, if not eclectic. The types of baths were varied, including a wonderful extra hot bath. (Men's side only?)The three saunas were a surprise. This is a great find for sauna fans and recommended for that reason alone. Outside the hot spring baths were aesthetically pleasing had some live plants placed around them. The tub baths were filled with either hot spring or well water. The signs were hard to understand. Either way, they were a great place to cool off a bit after the extra hot bath or the springs.Not much of a reason to go here unless you live nearby and you have a car. Getting to PukuPuku by foot takes a good 10-15 minutes from the JR station.
Hot Spring DataWell Name: Kakogawa Natural Hot Spring - 加古川天然温泉Type: Chloride spring - 塩化物泉pH: 7Type: Neutral - 中性Well Temperature: 25.3Type: Warm spring - 低温線