Gifu City - 岐阜市

Fuji no Yu

Japanese Name: ふじの湯Prefecture: GifuCity: GifuAddress: 岐阜県岐阜市正木1235Type: SupersentoWebpage: ¥600 (Weekends & Holidays: ¥650)Holiday: NoneHours: 10:00-25:00 (Weekends: 5:00-25:00)
ReviewA basic supersento in the northern suburbs of Gifu city. Far from any station this is a car only place. A bus to the area may exist but I’m not sure.

Sauna and Capsule Hotel Gant

Japanese Name: サウナ&カプセルホテルガントPrefecture: GifuCity: GifuAddress: 岐阜県岐阜市金園町1-3-3Type: Capsule HotelWebpage: ¥1850~Holiday: NoneHours: 24hrs
ReviewA capsule hotel an 8 minute walk from the Metetsu Gifu station. A simple sauna / capsule hotel setup. Free wireless internet. The capsules seemed to be just placed in a large room and not built into the room as some hotels feel.

*Closed* Dai-ichi Yokujyo Honten

Japanese Name: 第一浴場 本店City: GifuAddress: 岐阜県岐阜市長住町3丁目14Type: Sento
Review*Closed* A very basic sento hidden in a shopping street between Gifu's two main train stations. Don't let the entrance fool you, the sento inside is quite beautiful. Or, better said, it could be beautiful. This sento must have been quite beautiful in the 70's and 80's. The changing room and bathing area is separated by a small garden and fountain windowed off to keep out Gifu's cold winter weather.A sign on the door blamed the rise in energy costs for the short hours and asked everyone to use the showers sparingly.