Kakamigahara City - 各務原市


Japanese Name: 平和湯Prefecture: GifuCity: KakamigaharaAddress: 岐阜県各務原市那加雄飛ヶ丘町28-2Type: SentoWebpage: http://www.heiwayu.com/Price: Gifu Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: NoneHours: 14:00-23:00
ReviewI love finding these sento outside of Kansai where everything is similar but also a bit different. That is what Heiwa-yu in Kakamigahara was like. Almost the same layout as any other sento of the same size in Kansai, but just a bit different. The smoked plastic locker doors being the first big difference. This is a local sento with a good local following. Judging by their website they are very proud of the herbs they use in the rotenburo. Sadly, while I was there they had “energy drink” bath additive. It was like bathing in Lipovitan. Not a fan. The other baths and the super hot sauna with the Enka going over the speaker was awesome. I kind of wanted to start up a conversation with some of the locals but that did not happen. Good place if you ever happen to be in Kakamigahara.