Shiojiri City - 塩尻市

Kuwa no Yu

Japanese Name: 桑の湯Prefecture: NaganoCity: ShiojiriAddress: 399-0736 長野県塩尻市大門一番町1517Access: 10min from JR East Shiojiri Station - JR東日本 塩尻駅Category: SentoWebpage: Nagano Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: Monday, FridayHours: 15:00-21:30
Review: This is a municipal water bathhouse but when your municipal water is in Nagano it's going to be great. Simple sento with some great use of glass. The separation wall has some beautiful, frosted glass in particular. The lockers are from a company and in a style I have never seen. Also, the entire building looks quite old with a lot of great aged wood exposed throughout.The only sento left in Shiojiri so it is definitely worth checking out. Oh! And buy one of their cool t-shirts! Visit Date: November 2020