Tsu City - 津市

Yasuragi no Yu

Japanese Name: やすらぎの湯Prefecture: MieCity: TsuAddress: 515-2521 三重県津市一志町井関Access: 25min from JR Ichishi or Kintetsu Kawai-Takaoka [JR 一志、近鉄 川合高岡]Category: Hot Spring FacilityWebpage: http://www.info.city.tsu.mie.jp/www/contents/1001000012002/index.htmlPrice: ¥550Holiday: ThursdayHours: 10:00-21:00
Review: Sitting in the spring water outdoor bath here after sitting in the spring water indoor bath, drinking the spring water from a fountain also outside and massaging the bottom of my feel on smooth rocks also flooded with spring water I thought this place could not be better. Maybe it could use a cold-water bath. Wait. I had not yet tried the small bath in the corner. What was that? A straight cool well water bath with bubbles! Perfect. This lovely municipally run hot spring now on my (unpublished) top 10 list. The hot spring water has a lovely soapy feeling. One of the strongest I have experienced! At the same time the cold-water bath feels firm on the skin giving a great juxtaposition. Being able to try both types of spring water in the same place is a wonderful experience for those new to hot spring soaking. So many unique baths here too. The foot massage rock bath thing was unique as is the hot spring water shower. Most of the time the showers are just normal municipal water, but his shower was spring fed offering an amazing way to rinse off before leaving the baths. There is also a steam sauna here, but it was quite small and packed, so I did not go in. Staff were also quite friendly. Highly recommended. Visit Date: September 2021 *Hot Spring Data*Spring Type: Simple alkaline spring - アルカリ性単純温泉Well Temperature: 39.1°CTemperature Type: Hot spring - 温泉pH: 9.1pH Type: Alkaline - アルカリ性Osmotic Pressure: Low - 低張性