Yamanouchi Town - 山内町

Kaede no Yu

Japanese Name: 楓の湯Prefecture: NaganoCity: YamanouchiAddress: 381-0401 長野県下高井郡山ノ内町平穏3227Access: 5 min from Nagaden Yudanaka Station - 長電 湯田中駅Category: Hot Spring FacilityWebpage: http://www.town.yamanouchi.nagano.jp/kaedenoyu/index.htmlPrice: ¥300Holiday: First TuesdayHours: 10:00-21:00
Review: Tourist orientated public day use bath next to the train station. I guess I have been spoiled in all the other hot spring villages I have visited or maybe I am in a weird mood. For the price it is fine. Just don’t use the first washing station as you get in because, for some reason, there is no water pressure there. The other ones seem fine. However, you might not get a choice because there are only five stations and this place gets packed. There were 4 naked college boys standing behind me waiting for me to finish brushing my teeth.Bathing is as expected in a place like this. One inside and one outside bath. The outside one is cooler, and the hot spring effect is less noticeable. The inside one is hotter as you get close to the spout. I am guessing about 42 or 43 degrees at the hottest. The spring here is decent, and you will notice it with a silky feel. There is a touch of sulphur to the smell also.I assume the hotel and the public springs are less crowded and better however the latter are only open to non-residents of the village on the 26th of the month. (Note: This is not happening during COVID-19 epidemic, if you read this in the post COVID-19 future make sure to check with the local tourist information office.)I used the day pass from Nagano Station on the Nagano Dentetsu. ¥2,070 for train fare out and back (including limited express trains) and entrance to the hot spring. Not a bad deal for someone who likes trains and hot springs like me, however I would not recommend this to a casual bather. The skeptic podcast Oh No Ross and Carrie has the tag line, “We show up, so you don’t have to” well I should give I Love the tag line, “I get naked, so you don’t have to.” Unless you are a train and onsen dork like me, I don’t see the point in going here if you don’t have to. There seem to be better options available if you want the spring water here. Only do it if you’re going to do the whole snow monkey park thing and this ticket is the best and cheapest option to get out there. I’ll come back eventually after COVID-19 stuff finishes on the 26th of the month to visit all the baths, maybe.
The Hakko Yamanouchi beer izayaka up the hill from the station has some good crafts on tap. Visit Date: December 2020 *Hot Spring Data*Spring Type: Hydrogen sulfate spring - 硫酸塩泉Well Temperature: 91.7°C