Misasa Town - 三朝町

(Misasa Onsen - 三朝温泉)


Japanese Name: 河原風呂Prefecture: TottoriCity: MisasaAddress: 鳥取県東伯郡三朝町大字三朝903−1Type: Outdoor Hot SpringWebpage: https://spa-misasa.jp/enjoy/Price: Free!Holiday: NoneHours: 24hrs
ReviewFree rotenburo on the banks of the river that flows through Misasa. There is some privacy from the cars and people crossing the bridge, but the bath is for the most part exposed to the world. Amazing view of the river. I have been there twice once when it was snowing and a second time when it was raining. Both times were well worth the trouble of undressing in the small sheltered area for placing your belongings. There are two baths, the smaller one being hotter than the bigger one. There is also a foot bath on the other side of the privacy partition. This bath is mixed bathing, please be respectful of your fellow bathers. A public bath, paid and in a building, is located just across the street from the rotenburo for the faint of heart. There are also a few free parking spots there if you are taking a quick dip. The tourist information office and main bus stop are also in the same area. Highly recommended! It’s such an amazing experience.
Hot Spring DataType: Radioactive spring - 放射能泉pH: 8.12


Japanese Name: 有楽Prefecture: TottoriCity: MisasaAddress: 鳥取県東伯郡三朝町三朝642-1Type: Hot Spring Hotel w/ day useWebpage: http://www.misasa.info/ https://spa-misasa.jp/enjoy/Price: ¥500Holiday: NoneHours: 16:00-21:00

ReviewNo smell no flavor water. A bit cold feeling considering the well is 50.1 at the source. Highly radioactive. The feeling comes afterwards. Smooth clean skin feel. In the water it has a bit of a dry feel.
Hot Spring DataType: Radioactive spring - 放射能泉Well Name: Kabuyu #2 Well - 株湯2号線pH: 7.2Well Temperature: 50Type: extra hot spring - 高温泉