Oda City - 大田市

(Yunotsu Onsen - 温泉津温泉)

Yuzako Onsen Ryokan

Japanese Name: 湯迫温泉旅館City: OdaAddress: 島根県大田市仁摩町天河内853Type: HotelWebpage: https://primenet2010.biz/yuzako-onsen/
ReviewOnsen ryokan a decent walk down some rural roads from the Nima Sand Museum. Maybe, day use available.
Hot Spring DataType: Sodium and calcium chloride spring - ナトリウム・カルシウム−塩化物Type: weak alkaline - 弱アリカリ性Well Temperature: 27.3Type: warm spring - 低温線Osmotic Pressure: Low - 低張性

Yunotsu Onsen Motoyu

Japanese Name: 温泉津温泉 元湯City: OdaAddress: 島根県大田市温泉津町温泉津ロ208−1Type: Hot Spring FacilityWebpage: http://yunotsu-onsen.com/onsen/ https://www.ginzan-wm.jp/spot/1768Price: ¥450Holiday: ?Hours: 6:00-20:00 (Closed 3rd Monday of the month 15:00-20:00)
ReviewAmazing super hot onsen-sento in the very retro feeling Yunotsu Onsen village. Long but enjoyable walk from the train station. The water here is really, really hot. Highly recommended.
Hot Spring DataType: Sodium and calcium chloride spring with carbon dioxide - ナトリウム・カルシウム-塩化物・炭酸水素塩泉Well Temperature: 49.4Type: extra hot spring - 高温泉Osmotic Pressure: Isotonic - 等張性

Yunotsu Onsen Yakushi-yu

Japanese Name: 薬師湯Prefecture: ShimaneCity: OdaAddress: 根県大田市温泉津町温泉津7Closest Station: Yunotsu Station / 温泉津駅Category: Hot Spring FacilityWebpage: https://www.yunotsu.com/Price: ¥450Holiday: NoneHours: 8:00-21:00 (Weekend & Holidays 6:00-21:00)Review:Like the other day use hot spring next door, Yakushi-yu is absolutely outstanding. Starting from the Taisho era architecture to the amazing bath coated in years of sediment from the spring here. Oh and the spring here is extra hot so take breaks. One of the most real and unfiltered true hot spring experiences you can have in Japan. There is a fountain with drinkable spring water in the parking lot next to the building. Remember that this is a very rural city so be careful about the train time table and that there are not many shops in the town. Also, it's a good walk from the train station so time your bathing appropriately.Visit Date: March 2017 *Hot Spring Data*Spring Type: Bicarbonate spring - 炭酸水素塩泉Well Temperature: 45.3°CTemperature Type: Extra hot spring - 高温泉pH: 6.3pH Type: Neutral - 中性Osmotic Pressure: Low - 低張性