Onomichi City - 尾道市

Kurihara Onsen

Japanese Name: 栗原温泉Prefecture: HiroshimaCity: OnomichiAddress: 〒722-0031 広島県尾道市三軒家町4−19Access: 3 min from JR Onomichi Station / JR 尾道駅Category: SentoWebpage: https://www.ononavi.jp/staying/spa/detail.html?detail_id=721 https://www.facebook.com/kuriharafuro/Price: Hiroshima Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: MondayHours: 15:00-21:00
Review:This sento is the closest to Onomichi Station and I took advantage of that during a 30min change of trains. If you are crazy like me and can take a very quick bath 30 min getting from the station to here and back is doable. I went so quickly that I did not realize that there was a second and third floor that offered a sauna, coldーwater bath and rest area for a higher entrance fee of ¥700. The first floor sento I enjoyed was simple with a deep and shallow bath plus a stand up cold shower. Great option for anyone riding through Onomichi on a train trip.
Visit Date: August 2020