Yamaguchi City - 山口市
(Yuda Onsen - 湯田温泉)

Onsen no Mori

Japanese Name: おんせんの森Prefecture: YamaguchiCity: YamaguchiAddress: 〒753-0056 山口県山口市湯田温泉4丁目7−17Access: 15minute walk from JR Yuda Onsen Station - JR西日本 湯田温泉駅Category: SupersentoWebpage: https://onsen-mori.com/Price: ¥1000 (includes rental bath towel and face towel) or ¥900 (includes face towel only)Holiday: NoneHours: 10:00-24:00
Review:Yuda Onsen is a hot spring village inside Yamaguchi city. Onsen no Mori is a kenko land or supersento feeling to it. The main bath is spring water which is noticeable while the cold water bath is treated to make it soft water. What makes this place great and unlike most day use baths in onsen villages is the great selection of jet baths, electric baths, and even a jungle gym like climbing facility for stretching the back out. Like the mythology of Yuda Onsen and the fox cured itself in the springs here I did the same after a bad experience just prior.
Visit Date: September 2020 *Hot Spring Data*Spring Type: Simple alkaline spring - アルカリ性単純温泉Well Temperature: 63.6°CTemperature Type: Extra hot spring - 高温泉pH: 9.14pH Type: Alkaline - アルカリ性