Takaoka City - 高岡市


Japanese Name: 越乃庭Prefecture: ToyamaCity: TakaokaAddress: 933-0101 富山県高岡市伏木国分2丁目525Access: Directly next to JR West Etchū-Kokubu Station / JR西日本 越中国分駅 - Access through parkinglotCategory: SupersentoWebpage: http://www.koshinoniwa.co.jp/Price: ¥700 (Morning bath; ¥600)Holiday: NoneHours: 5:30-8:00, 10:00-22:00 (Sunday 5:30-22:00)
Review: This is a beachside bathing complex for the local elderly and beachgoers. If you are one of the latter, please try not to track sand into the building. There are numerous signs asking people to be careful about that.
 Inside, the baths are pretty interesting. The main shallow bath has some stones for standing on and massaging the bottom of your feet and a TV built into the tub on an angle. Of course, the TV shows footage of an aquarium. It's a quirky experience well worth trying out. Next is a weird, ineffective series of jet baths and the main well water bath. This one was a bit cooler than the other baths and had a slight brown color to it. The numerous artificial spring waters here only had a slightly noticeable feel but nothing too exciting. The cold-water bath next to the sauna felt the best on the hot summer day I visited this location. Outside were a few tub baths, an ordinary bath, and a shallow bath for lying in. More so than the water, the view of the beach and mountains were the best part of this area. Sorry for the girls, as their view seems much less dramatic, but in turn, it is also much less exposed to the beachgoers and the train that runs next to the building. On the train leaving this location, I could clearly see an old guy standing near the window in the baths. Overall an excellent place for a simple swim in the ocean and a refreshing, cleansing bath to get the salt water off. The water here is also good to drink, and there is a bottle-filling station in the baths to use. Lastly, the parking lot is connected to the train station platform, making access extremely easy. All in all a great place to visit. In the outdoor area, the artificial spring water was labeled as a "germanium mineral spring" (ゲルマニウム鉱石泉 薬湯) and "artificial mineral ion spring" (ミネラルイオン鉱石人工温泉)Inside the medicated bath is called an "artificial radium spring" (ラジウム鉱石人工温泉). Visit Date: August 2022