Toyama City - 富山市

Fuji no Yu

Japanese Name: 藤の湯Prefecture: ToyamaCity: ToyamaAddress: 富山県富山市蛯町1−9Type: SentoWebpage: Toyama Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: WednesdayHours: 14:00-23:00
ReviewFuji no Yu is a large sento tucked off of busy intersection across from Toyama’s nightlife district. From the outside you would think that the inside would be the same drab austere tile, but it was pleasantly cluttered inside. This is a basic bandai style bath where you pay after entering. A very elderly grandmother was minding the bandai when I came in. The baths were piping hot which is good during the cold Toyama winter. The bubble and jets both were strong and refreshing. The cold, cold water bath was very deep and great to ease into. There is a long dry sauna along the side wall that was turned off when I was there for whatever reason. Next to the door are two showers facing each other one hot and the other cold. I wonder if the regulars here like turning them both on at the same time. Not much character to this bath, but refreshing and somewhat conveniently located.

Inari Mineral Spring

Japanese Name: いなり鉱泉Prefecture: ToyamaCity: ToyamaAddress: 930-0010 富山県富山市稲荷元町3丁目1136Access: 5min from Toyama Chihō Raiway Inarimachi Station / 富山地方鉄道 稲荷町駅Category: SentoWebpage: ¥440Holiday: The 31st day of the month (New Years Eve excluded)Hours: 11:00-23:00
Review: Some sento are just filled with surprises, and the surprises here at Inari start at the entrance. The big heavy doors and stoic entrance made me feel like I was entering a private residence or clinic. The only bit of art on the walls here is the tile mosaic of three women above the shoe boxes. Inside, the front area was huge and felt like a house with the walls removed. In the baths, the residential feeling continued. Overall Inari reminded me of the clinical baths in Hot Springs, Arkansas, or what an imaginary European sento would feel like. There were not a lot of aesthetics here, but the strong walls gave this place an air of permanence which was reassuring.
 The water was also great! While the staff said it was a bit too cold on the day of my visit, I thought it was wonderful. The layout is arranged so that the cold water and herbal bath are next to each other. This layout allowed me to do a little trick and dip my hands in the warm herbal bath while my body was in the crisp cold-water bath. This gets your heart pumping and the blood flowing-at least, it felt that way for me. I am sure the locals thought I was a weirdo. The herbal bath was also outstanding. It had a pleasant Southeast Asian perfume smell to it. Besides those two baths, there were some jets and an extra hot (44°C) bath with electricity. There are also two outdoor spaces here. In an enclosed garden was a nice carbonated bath, and in a larger area out the rear was a hinoki bath and a jacuzzi. All the baths here used the lovely well water, and it was instantly noticeable and fresh feeling on the skin. Thanks to the kind staff and suburb baths, Inari may be a top 10 sento for me. Visit Date: August 2022

Okui Mineral Spring

Japanese Name: 奥井鉱泉Prefecture: ToyamaCity: ToyamaAddress: 930-0819 富山県富山市奥田本町613Access: 5min from Toyama Chihō Raiway Shimo-Okui Station / 富山地方鉄道 下奥井駅Category: SentoWebpage: ¥440Holiday: FridayHours: 13:30-22:30
Review: Many of the sento in Toyama call themselves 鉱泉, which means mineral spring. This is because they, in general, all use well water here. Given Toyama City's proximity to the mountains, it is no surprise that it also has excellent well water. The sento here is small and straightforward, with a single bath divided into 3 sections. The first is an ordinary bath, neither deep nor shallow. The middle section is a vigorous bubble that gives the room energy. The bubbles are not too noisy, so the room regains a calm atmosphere. The last section is a clover-shaped section with jets. These were just perfect for getting my upper shoulders and neck. While there is no cold water bath to enjoy the well water as it is found in nature, two great showers let you finely control the temperature to your personal preference. As only one other guy was in the bath on my visit, I put one of the tall stools in the shower bay and sat with the cold water flowing over my head for a minute or two. It was excellent, and I am sure the locals do the same! Highly recommended.
 Visit Date: August 2022


Japanese Name: 観音湯Prefecture: ToyamaCity: ToyamaAddress: 富山県富山市新富町2丁目3-8Type: Sento
Review*Closed* Brilliant local sento and just a few minutes from Toyama Station. Hot water with a simple but enjoyable selection of baths. The old building is also quite beautiful.