Tsuruga City - 敦賀市

Rera Port

Japanese Name: リラ・ポートPrefecture: FukuiCity: TsurugaAddress: 福井県敦賀市高野91−9−3Type: Hot Spring FacilityWebpage: http://www.relaport.com/index.phpPrice: ¥1000Holiday: First Monday and Third TuesdayHours: 10:00-22:00
ReviewTsuruga is a unique place. It’s the first town over the border from Kansai in Hokuriku. It is a beautiful little city and worth spending a day exploring and it has a great supersento. It’s more than just a supersento, though. It’s got a whole indoor-outdoor pool attached to it.I really loved this place. The staff were pleasant. The onsen from two springs is fed into pools of various temperatures. The springs both have a good onsen feel to them. The bathing area is small and there is not much selection, but it is a rural supersento and that is expected. Still it has more selection than some places I have been. The landscaping in the rotenburo area was green and very relaxing. The view is astounding as the building is high up on a hill overlooking the city, a freeway, and the Japan Sea. The pool area is great too. Super fun for playing around in. It does not have any slides, but it is not just a rectangular pool. The outdoor lounging area was great too. That astounding view makes it what it is.The hot spring here was originally found when a tunnel was being drilled through the mountains hence the name Tsuruga Tunnel Onsen.Take the tourist bus from the station or drive cause it would be a pretty tough walk. The tourist information office has discount tickets.
Update August 2019: Returned here with my wife and daughter. We enjoyed swimming around the pool but not being too noisy as the pool seems to be there for old people to exercise in more so than family fun. It was a great time and a lot of fun. I also was able to enjoy the other bath on the mountain side. Not much of a view from the outdoor bath, but the design was outstanding. Highly recommend.
Hot Spring DataWell Name: Tsuruga Tunnel Onsen - 敦賀トンネル温泉Type: Alkaline Simple Hot Spring - アルカリ性単純温泉pH: 9.9 Well Temperature: 25.6Well Name: Tsuruga - Kirameki Onsen - 敦賀きらめき温泉Type: Bicarbonate spring - 炭酸水素塩泉pH: 9.2Well Temperature: 32.5


Japanese Name: サフラン湯Prefecture: FukuiCity: TsurugaAddress: 914-0056 福井県敦賀市津内町2丁目9Access: 20min from JRWest Tsuruga Station - JR西日本 敦賀駅Category: SentoWebpage: http://www.1010fukui.jp/se-sahuranyu.htmlPrice: Fukui Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: WednesdayHours: 15:30-22:00
Review: Single oval-shaped bath in this old style ofuro-ya. The water was piping hot on the cold snowy day I visited. Super friendly lady working the bandai who helped my daughter get in and passed items back and forth from the men’s to the women’s side. Thank you so much! Also saw some tattoos here so should be OK if you have ink. Perfect old school sento experience that you cannot find much in the urban areas nowadays. Worth a try if you are in the neighborhood. Visit Date: January 2021