Mukō City - 向日市


Japanese Name: 勝山湯
Prefecture: Kyoto
City: Mukō
Address: 617-0002 京都府向日市寺戸町中ノ段16
Access: 15min from Hankyu Nishi-Mukō or Higashi-Mukō Stations / 阪急 西向日駅・東向日駅
Category: Sento
Price: Kyoto Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)
Holiday: Tuesday
Hours: 15:30-23:00
Review: Smallish sento. The central main bath is in a figure-eight shape with a shallow bubble and a deep side. The former was outstanding. An electric bath, some weak jets, and another bubble are on the back wall. The latter offering was quite nice. The large dry sauna looked popular, but I did not try it. In an alcove coming off the rear comer of the main bath area is a fabulous cold-water bath that was extremely clean and not too chlorinated. Katsuyama-yu is the only sento in this Muko city in a nice neighborhood near the big local shrine. There is some interesting use of white marble stone in the baths. Friendly owners and regulars. Worth checking out during a walk around the town here.Visit Date: July 2022