Nantan City - 南丹市

Rurikei Onsen

Japanese Name: るり渓温泉Prefecture: KyotoCity: NantanAddress: 京都府南丹市園部町大河内広谷1-14Type: Onsen / PoolWebpage: ¥700 (Weekends & Holidays ¥800)Holiday: NoneHours: 7:00-24:00
ReviewRurikei is a large entertainment complex in the mountains northwest of Kyoto. The onsen is co-ed and bathing suits are required (rentals are available for free). There’s a heated indoor pool (swimming caps required but available for free), indoor sento area, and a rotenburo that has a selection of little baths to hang out in with your friends or family. It was nice for me to enjoy an onsen with my wife and baby. There is also a nude, gender separated area also.The onsen here was unremarkable to be truthful and I thought the pool water could have been cleaner, but overall it was a good experience. This is more like a resort than a supersento or ryokan.We just went for the bath, but it looked like a good summer spot to enjoy a day out in the park. The ryokan was also very reasonably priced. It might be a good option for families looking for a quick get-a-way. Besides the baths there are rental BBQ areas, telescope equipped observatories, fishing, nature trails, restaurants, tennis courts, rest rooms, karaoke and playgrounds.Access is by car or the free shuttle bus from Sonobe on the San’in Main line from Kyoto or Nissei-chuo on the Nose Electric Railway if you are coming from Osaka or Kobe. More information on the shuttle bus is on their website.
Hot Spring DataWell #1 Name: Rurike Flower Onsen - るり渓フラワー温泉Type: Simple Radioactive Cold Spring - 単純弱放射線冷鉱泉pH: 6.92Well Temperature: 15Well #2 Name: Rurike Takahara Onsen - るり渓高原温泉Type: Simple Radioactive Hot Spring - 単純弱放射線温泉pH: 7.9Well Temperature: 26.6