Kita-Kyushu - 北九州市

Korona no Yu, Kokura

Japanese Name: コロナの湯 小倉店Prefecture: FukuokaCity: Kita-KyushuAddress: 803-0801 福岡県北九州市小倉北区西港町27Access: Free shuttle from JR Kyūshū Kokura Station / JR九州 小倉駅Category: Supersento w/ natural hot springWebpage: 750 (Weekend & Holiday: ¥800)Holiday: NoneHours: 9:00-25:00
Review: This supersento is located in a bigger entertainment complex with games centers, movie theaters, pachinko, and other stuff. The supersento almost seems to be an afterthought. The most unique aspect is the resistance exercise baths. You stand in a chest-deep bath in front of a water pump that pushes the water towards you with a great force that you can adjust. Then, you push against the water flow as an underwater exercise using your core muscles. The spring water seems to be only used in the main outdoor bath, but the effect is not very noticeable. In fact, I enjoyed the main normal baths and the carbonated water bath much more. Getting here is easy on the free (and popular) shuttle bus that leaves from the north side of Kokura station. Check the website for a map and timetable. Also, make sure you get a return ticket from the counter when you enter the supersento section of the complex.
Visit Date: December 2021
*Hot Spring Data*Spring Type: Chloride spring - 塩化物泉Well Temperature: 29.8°CTemperature Type: Warm spring - 低温泉pH: 6.7pH Type: Neutral - 中性Osmotic Pressure: Low - 低張性

*Closed* Kogura Sauna Plaza

Japanese Name: 小倉サウナプラザPrefecture: FukuokaCity: Kita-KyushuAddress: 福岡県北九州市小倉北区魚町1-5-14Type: Capsule Hotel
Review*Closed* A New Japan chain capsule hotel and sauna a short walk from Kokura station. Not as big or fancy as the New Japan in Umeda, Osaka. There's a small but adequately sized bathing area. Capsules are clean and well maintained. A great option for a quick stay in the city. Like most capsule hotels Kokura Sauna Plaza is men only.