Ureshino City - 嬉野市

(Ureshino Onsen - 嬉野温泉)

Hana no Shizuku

Japanese Name: 華の雫Prefecture: SagaCity: UreshinoAddress: 佐賀県嬉野市嬉野町岩屋川内甲445-1Type: Onsen ryokanWebpage: http://www.rresort-net.com/hananoshizuku/index.htmlPrice: ¥500Holiday: NoneHours: 7:00-23:00
ReviewHana no Shizuku is a ryokan that allows day use in it’s baths--as most of the Ureshino Onsen ryokan do, make sure to grab a pamphlet from the tourist information center. We used the family bath (¥2,600 for 60 minutes). The changing room was a bit small for the three of us, but not too bad. Outside was one shallow rock lined bath that was filled from a waterfall in the corner. The bath temperature was adjustable and we went from hot to warm a few times. The Ureshino Onsen water was just perfect, so soft and slippery on the skin. They also had the wonderful Bayu shampoo. The normal men’s bath was a basic long shallow bath with a waterfall filing it at one end and an accordion type window with a small garden view.
Hot Spring DataWell Name: Ureshino Onsen - 嬉野温泉Type: Bicarbonate spring - 炭酸水素塩泉pH: 7.5~8.4Type: weak alkaline - 弱アリカリ性Well Temperature: 85~95Type: extra hot spring - 高温泉Osmotic Pressure: Low - 低張性