Kashihara City - 橿原市

Asuka no Yu

Japanese Name: あすかの湯Prefecture: NaraCity: KashiharaAddress: 634-0072 奈良県橿原市醍醐町375Access: 15 minutes from Kintetsu Miminashi Station / 近鉄 耳成駅Category: SupersentoWebpage: http://www.asukanoyu.com/Price: ¥700 (Weekend & Holiday: ¥750)Holiday: Fourth Tuesday of the monthHours: 10:00-25:00
Review: This supersento has a great selection of baths. The "Asuka Onsen" bath treatment felt great and makes up for the lack of a natural spring. The rotating bath was special with an amazing hydrangea bath treatment on the day of my visit which I very much enjoyed. There is a weird cave like section of the large outdoor bath. The steam bath, while not as warm as I would have liked, was better than average. I would happily recommend this supersento, especially as there are not many other options in the area. BUT! And this is a big BUT. The poor manners of the locals here, at least on the night of my visit, makes me weary of giving this facility any recommendation. Adult men were spraying their showers behind them into the cold water bath and on my head). While washing off the guy next to me, next to me not behind me mind you, splashed me constantly and there was a space between us even! All of the fountains filling the baths had Plexiglas barriers placed around them, I can only assume this is to stop people sitting under the fountain while in the bath--a generally recognized faux pas. Well, at least the drinking fountain in the bath was awesome. So if you are in the area and it is not a busy night it might be worth trying, but if it is a weekend night I would stay away. Visit Date: June 2021

Kashihara Poka Poka Onsen

Japanese Name: 橿原ぽかぽか温泉 Former Name: Gokuraku-yu Yamato Kashihara / 極楽湯大和橿原店Prefecture: NaraCity: KashiharaAddress: 奈良県橿原市新堂町210−1Access: Ukiana Station / 浮孔駅Type: SupersentoWebpage: https://kashipoka.com/Price: ¥700Holiday: 4th Monday of the monthHours: 9:00-25:00 (Sat and Sun 8:00-26:00)
Note: This bathhouse is now part of the PokaPoka chain.
Part of the Gokuraku-Yu chain, their Yamato Kashihara supersento in Nara pref. is a fairly basic supersento. Sadly nothing popped out to me here, although it was featured in one of my onsen magazines. The key feature is a long rectangular stone lined outdoor bath which was much smaller than it appeared to be in the promotional photo. The entire bathing area seemed much smaller in comparison to the dining area and in general to other Gokuraku-yu supersento that I’ve been to. The water was nice but not impressive. Everything about this supersento was adequate. It seemed to be a wonderful place to spend an evening with the family if you lived in the area or came in from the more rural areas of Nara prefecture. The one amazing thing about this supersento, which I almost forgot, was its insanely powerful jet bath that was perfect for me, but could be uncomfortable for others.Note: Gokuraku-yu has a membership card that gives a discount, but some cards only work at some outlets. If you don’t have a card you will have to pay the higher price listed. Anyone can become a member, but there is a fee.
Hot Spring DataWell Name: Yamato Kashihara Onsen Tennen no Yu - 大和橿原温泉 自然の湯Type: Chloride spring - 塩化物泉Well Temperature: 25.3