Minato Ward - 港区


Japanese Name: 朝日湯Prefecture: OsakaCity: Minato WardAddress: 552-0005 大阪府大阪市港区田中2丁目1226Access: 5 minutes from Osaka Metro Asashiobashi Station / 大阪地下鉄 朝潮橋駅Category: SentoPrice: Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: WednesdayHours: 14:00-24:00
Review: Perfect sento. You get what you pay for here. Two cold water baths one of them outside. The herbal bath was thick and brown. In the sub-basement there was a gem of a walking bath. Quite the rarity. Everything was squeaky clean and you can tell this sento is very popular with the locals. Great place to explore all the various baths you may find in a sento for a first timer. While the Osaka health office sign kinda says no in a very indirect way that I only just noticed, tattoos seem ok here as there was one guy with a full back coverage going on Visit Date: June 2021

Inari Onsen

Japanese Name: 稲荷温泉Prefecture: OsakaCity: Minato WardAddress: 552-0014 大阪府大阪市港区八幡屋3丁目1221Access: 15 minutes from Osaka Metro Asashiobashi Station / 大阪地下鉄 朝潮橋駅Category: SentoWebpage: https://e-sento.com/稲荷温泉/Price: Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: FridayHours: 14:00-24:00
Review: Massive entrance to this sento with a small bathing area. Brown, red and oranges with faux tile and brick make up the design of this sento. The orange glass topping the dividing wall is of particular note. Interestingly the entrance to this sento is massive but inside the actual bathing area is somewhat small. Overall, the baths here are outstanding, epically the half-submerged radon steam and cold-water bath. The latter is small but filled from high with a waterfall making it extra enjoyable. Outdoor bath too. Great sento overall. Visit Date: May 2021

Terume Tatsumiya

Japanese Name: テルメ龍宮Prefecture: OsakaCity: Minato WardAddress: 大阪府大阪市港区港晴2丁目3番35号Closest Station: Asashiobashi Station / 朝潮橋駅Category: Sento w/ natural hot springWebpage: http://www8.plala.or.jp/terume/Price: Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: ThursdayHours: 15:00-24:00 (Sunday 7:00-24:00)
Review:Terume is a classic sento experience. All of the signs, murals, tile work is points to this being a part of Osaka's culture and history. An outstanding example if not the best. Where to start. Terume has the best steam sauna I've been in. They fill it with fragrances that change three times a week. Unlike some other steam saunas this one feels very hot. Sweating out in there has to be good for you. The normal baths are anything but. Well built and used they feel like a good pair of jeans that you've had for a long time. Not to mention they are filled with filtered spring water. There are two different electric baths in the back along with a jet bath. These baths are filled with normal heated water. Most of the men sit in and around these baths and watch the large screen TV. There are two hot spring baths, one is in a grotto with a mural of an Asian scene to the side of the main bath area. The second, and better of the two, is in the large rotenburo area in the back. This big shallow bath is divided into two levels. The shallower of the two set up with sleeping baths. There is also a well designed miniature Japanese garden in the back. These are straight hot spring baths no heating, watering down or recirculating. They are treated with chemicals for health reasons. Speaking to the quality of the spring. Hot springs sometimes have a smell to them. Terume has the best smell of any spring. It reminds me of some of my favorite springs back in the USA. The more than adequately hot sodium-chloride onsen gives you a fresh and relaxed feeling. If this isn't enough, Terume has a basement with even more baths, two showers, more washing places, and another TV. Above the baths on the second floor there's a restaurant and karaoke too! Bad things Well there's a lack of basins to use. Look around, or in the basement area for a yellow one. The other basins might be ones brought in by the customers themselves. The rotenburo is surrounded by a tall wall not allowing much of a view of anything other than the sky above. The changing area is a bit small also. These are not big complaints but good to know. Highly recommended. *Hot Spring Data*Spring Type: Chloride spring - 塩化物泉Well Temperature: 54.5°CTemperature Type: Extra hot spring - 高温泉pH: 6.7pH Type: Neutral - 中性Osmotic Pressure: High - 高張性Well Name: Tatsumiya Onsen #1 - 龍宮温泉1号

*Closed* Horai-yu

Japanese Name: 宝来湯Prefecture: OsakaCity: Minato WardAddress: 大阪市港区南市岡3-5-19Closest Station: Bentencho Station / 弁天町駅Category: SentoPrice: Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)
Review:Large 3 floor sento with a large selection of jet baths many of which are very, very strong. There is a small rotenburo with a limited view of the sky, but I liked it a lot. It had a hotel hot tub feel to it for some reason. If you're hungry try the izakaya next door for a great menu and nice friendly service.
Visit Date: February 2014