Habikino City - 羽曳野市

Furuichi Onsen

Japanese Name: 古市温泉Prefecture: OsakaCity: HabikinoAddress: 大阪府羽曳野市古市4-3-29Closest Station: Furuichi Station / 古市駅Category: SentoWebpage: http://www.osaka268.com/public_bath/s_habikino/Price: ¥Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: SundayHours: 16:00-22:00Review:The only sento in Habikino. Located close to Furuichi station. I found this sento after hiking Mt Katsuragi and really, really enjoyed the bath. Since my first visit I've been back 2 times. This is the only sento that is near a train station in the area. Lots of dining options in the area too.
Visit Date: September 2018

Hana no Yu

Japanese Name: 華の湯Prefecture: OsakaCity: HabikinoAddress: 大阪府羽曳野市野453Category: Supersento w/ natural hot springWebpage: http://onsen-hananoyu.jimdo.com/Price: ¥680Holiday: NoneHours: 10:00-24:00Review:Hana no Yu is a little hidden gem of a supersento. It's just off of one of the main roads lined with chain restaurants, conbini and neon signs but you wouldn't notice from the peaceful baths inside. The entrance is so understated. The lobby felt more like a newly remodeled sento. There weren't that many advertisements and no restaurant. All very understated and refreshingly stress free. Inside the baths were clean and new feeling. There was a good selection of baths including some very well designed outdoor baths. The tub made from a giant single stone was the best for my daughter and I. To top it all off, the spring was good quality. I definitely want to return to this lovely, family supersento.Visit Date: March 2016 *Hot Spring Data*Spring Type: Chloride spring - 塩化物泉Well Temperature: 45°CTemperature Type: Extra hot spring - 高温泉pH: 7.3pH Type: Neutral - 中性Osmotic Pressure: High - 高張性Well Name: Tenshi no Yu - 天使の湯

Nobeha no Yu - Habikino

Japanese Name: 延羽の湯 羽曳野本店Prefecture: OsakaCity: HabikinoAddress: 大阪府羽曳野市広瀬186-3Type: Supersento w/ natural hot springWebpage: http://www.nobuta123.co.jp/nobehahabikino/Price: ¥850Holiday: NoneHours: 10:00-25:00
ReviewThe first and main supersento owned and operated by the Nobuta 123 pachinko group. This is a grand palace built for bathing. It's huge and really enjoyable. Despite it's out-of-the-way location it was packed to the brim the weekend evening I went. It was also a kids event day that included a bath filled with rubber duckies. If you bring a young child in the baths with you on one of these rubber ducky nights, do not expect to try out many of the other baths. I was lucky enough to be able to return by myself after my wife finished her alone time so I could explore this bathing wonderland a bit more. I got to say, this is a Disneyland for supersentos. Its way too perfectly laid out. I did really enjoy it. Great range of temperatures in the baths along with some really quality well water filling them. Even the cold water bath was from a well. That cold water bath felt like a secluded mountain pond, just wonderful. The warm straight well water bath was crowded, but I got a chance to enjoy it a bit also. Try to get to this place on a off hour, no Sundays or national holidays like when we went.
Hot Spring DataWell Name: Himorogi no Yu - 神籬の湯Type: Simple spring - 単純温泉Type: weak alkaline - 弱アリカリ性Well Temperature: 28.9Type: Warm spring - 低温線Osmotic Pressure: Low - 低張性