Ikeda City - 池田市

The winter blooming sakura trees are advertised in the hotel elevators.


Japanese Name: 不死王閣Prefecture: OsakaCity: IkedaAddress: 大阪府池田市伏尾町128−1Access: Bus from Hankyu Ikeda / 阪急 池田駅Category: Hot Spring Hotel w/ day useWebpage: https://www.fushioukaku.co.jp/Price: ¥1600Holiday: NoneHours: 11:00-22:00
Review:A low temperature natural spring featured in this large, somewhat dated, hotel. It can be a bit expensive (use the online coupon if it is still available) but worth it for the absolutely beautiful outdoor bath. There is a pond that you can see from both the men and women's bath that have fish swimming in it and cherry blossoms that bloom through winter. This is one of the best of outdoor baths that I have seen and it is also a rare outdoor bath with jets. Inside the very shallow cold water bath and a mild sauna make a good combination. The main bath and the cold water bath are both made up with adobe colored larger tiles. They reminded me of the Mexican tiles that were common in my house and many others in 1980's Southern California. The hot spring was mostly unnoticable and heavily chlorinated; Over all a pleasant hotel bath experience and not that busy at least on the afternoon that I visited.
Visit Date: March 2020 *Hot Spring Data*Spring Type: Bicarbonate spring - 炭酸水素塩泉Well Temperature: 25°CTemperature Type: Warm spring - 低温泉pH: 8.4pH Type: Alkaline - アルカリ性Osmotic Pressure: Low - 低張性Well Name: Fushio Onsen (#2 Well) - 伏尾温泉(2号線)

Jonan Onsen

Japanese Name: 城南温泉Prefecture: OsakaCity: IkedaAddress: 大阪府池田市城南1丁目2−14Access: Hankyu Ikeda Station / 阪急池田駅Category: SentoWebpage: 大阪府公衆浴場組合 - Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse AssociationPrice: ¥Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: 1st and 3rd MondayHours: 14:30-24:00 (Sunday only: 8:00-12:00, 14:30-24:00)
Review:This is the best example of a modern sento that still has the sento feel to it. Like Kasamatsu in Kobe but for a bigger sento. There are all the baths one would want to have in a very traditional terraced layout with the electric/bubble at the top flowing down 2 levels till the main deep bath. Along the back wall is a cold water, powerful sunflower jet bath and the dry sauna. The electric bath was arranged in a way that made it easy to get your legs massaged--great after a hike. On the wall was a mosaic of a mountain scene of Kyoto's Daimonji. The 大 kanji being lit in red--something I had never seen before in a sento. Overall an amazing place and a great example of what a modern sento can be. Also I saw people with tattoos in the bath so that makes this great option for people with tattoos who want to try out a sento but want the security of going to a newer looking bath.
Visit Date: March 2020

Kyōei Onsen

Japanese Name: 共栄温泉Prefecture: OsakaCity: IkedaAddress: 〒563-0036 大阪府池田市豊島北2丁目4−4Access: 10 min from Hankyu Ishibashi Handai-Mae Station - 阪急 石橋阪大前駅Category: SentoWebpage: http://osaka268.com/osakasentou/共栄温泉(池田市)/Price: Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: FridayHours: 15:00-24:00
Review: Small entrance but larger once you get into the changing room. There is a saltwater bath among the offerings on the first floor. Second floor sauna (extra cost) has been remodeled. There is also a quite cold, cold water bath and outdoor bath on the second floor. Outdoor bath has a waterfall jet in it without any splash guards. It was not that strong, but it did spray water all over the place so be careful about using it if there are other people in the bath with you. I was alone so there was no problem. This sento was used as a location for the movie “Kanemasa” (ひとくず in Japanese). It looks rather sad and I do not think I would watch it, but you can see the women’s changing room at the 12 second mark in the trailer here (content warning: child abuse). Overall a decent place but it is quite far from the station. We drove here and used the free parking lot just around the corner from the entrance. Visit Date: December 2020

Heiwa Onsen

Japanese Name: 平和温泉Prefecture: OsakaCity: IkedaAddress: 大阪府池田市石橋1丁目1−5Access: Ishibashi Station / 石橋駅Type: SentoWebpage: http://heiwaonsen.com/ Price: Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: MondayHours: 14:15-25:00
ReviewA great simple little sento a wonderful old shopping street fairly close to the station. Classic Osaka style sento. Lovely place to take a bath. I found it very relaxing. Coin laundry out front.


Japanese Name: 五月湯Prefecture: OsakaCity: IkedaAddress: 大阪府池田市槻木町5−3Closest Station: Ikeda Station / 池田駅Category: SentoWebpage: http://osaka268.com/osakasentou/五月湯(池田市)/Price: Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: ThursdayHours: 14:00-25:00
Review:Basic sento a few minutes from Ikeda Station with a very friendly owner. It's the best sento near Ikeda station. Good post hike option.
Visit Date: September 2017

*Closed* Kuraba-yu

Japanese Name: くれば湯Prefecture: OsakaCity: IkedaAddress: 大阪府池田市栄町10−17Closest Station: Ikeda Station / 池田駅Category: SentoPrice: Osaka Prefecture Public Bathhouse Association price or cheaper (sauna, if available, may be extra)Holiday: 1st & 3rd TuesdayHours: 15:00-24:00
Review:Also known as "呉服湯" which is the name of a local shrine. A decent enough sento but nothing really stood out for me. It was a good bath after coming down from a hike in Nose and close to the station.
Visit Date: November 2017