Sennan City - 泉南市

*Closed* Tarui Onsen

Japanese Name: 樽井温泉Prefecture: OsakaCity: SennanAddress: 大阪府泉南市樽井4-25-32Type: Sento
Review*Closed* Tarui Onsen or Tarui Spa as the sign says is the most southern sento in Osaka Prefecture. It’s a good one too. I have to admit that the locals seemed pretty surprised to see a non-Japanese person there. I ended up having a lovely conversation with a few of the locals and their friendly kids in the changing room. The sento baths are of average size but more than you would expect this far away from anything else. It is about 45 minutes thanks to having to head to Izumisano then doubling back on the Nankai Main Line from Kansai International Airport but it is definitely one of the places you can consider for an airport area bath.