California - カリフォルニア州

Benton Hot Springs

State: CaliforniaCity: BentonAddress: 55137 Hwy 120, Benton, CA 93512Type: HotelWebpage: see website
ReviewBenson Hot Springs is a collection of campsites, Bed and Breakfast rooms, and rental houses all of which have ample hot spring water flowing… even, to our surprise, in the toilet! Cold water is hard to come by in the very remote corner of eastern California between the beautiful Mono Lake and the Nevada border. The water is silky smooth and at a perfect temperature for a long, long soak. That is good because there is nothing to do out there other than soak. Do not expect an internet connection or even a good TV signal out there. There is also not much for shopping nearby so make sure you take anything you might want with you. We loved our one night in the B&B and the amazingly good breakfast in the morning. If you are planning to go, make reservations early as it can get booked up quickly.

Grover Hot Springs

State: CaliforniaCity: MarkleevilleAddress: 3415 Hot Springs Road, Markleeville, CA 96120Type: State Park / CampgroundWebpage: ¥10.00Holiday: Wednesday (Off season only)
ReviewGrover Hot Springs is a large American style swimming pool with a shallow large hot spring pool (about 40°C) next to it in a state park. Bathing suits required. There are gender separated changing rooms with showers available. The campground also has coin operated showers. If camping make sure pay attention to all the bear related information and use a food locker for anything with a scent.
Hot Spring DataWell Temperature: 64.4°C

Holtville Hot Springs

Former Name: Highline Hot WellState: CaliforniaCity: HoltvilleAddress: 3700 Evan Hewes Hwy, Holtville, CA 92250Type: Outdoor Hot SpringWebpage:
ReviewTwo concrete tubs fed by a large pipe shower contraption just in sight of Interstate 8 and only a few miles from the Mexican border, Highline Hot Well is an experience. This is one of my most visited onsen in the USA because it was free and along the drive home from university at the time. The water is piping hot and can reach about 48 degrees from the well, but by the time it gets to your body it should be a little cooler. I do attribute my love of the 46 degree bath at Minatoyama Onsen in Kobe my many visits to this spring. The water has a somewhat metallic taste to it leading me to believed that there is a large iron content to the spring. Directly across from the spring is a long term camping area for RVers. There are two rather dirty pit toilets next to the parking lot that I would avoid if possible. People say they swim in the runoff pond behind the palm trees, but I never have and cannot recommend it. I also recommend using your best judgment when getting into the pools here. Sometimes in the off seasons in summer they get a bit dirty, thankfully the shower is always flowing good clean water. You will be more likely to enjoy the water by yourself if you go during the burning hot summers. The best time to enjoy the spring is during the monsoon season in August where you can enjoy a cold shower from the sky and a hot shower from the earth at the same time. Also be careful about broken class always wear sandals, slipping on the concrete, and crime. Always lock your car.

Tecopa Hot Springs

State: CaliforniaCity: TecopaAddress: State Highway 127, Tecopa, CAType: Hot Spring FacilityWebpage: USD$9.00Hours: 24hr
2nd Review: Tecopa Inyo Co Baths update
This place has gone through many ups and downs, especially through COVID. That said, it is looking better than ever. Water temps are cooler than I remembered, and you will have to take a long soak to get really hot, but this place is made for long soaks. I enjoy bathing here and still keep it on my top 10, if only for nostalgia. That is because here at Tecopa that my love of hot springs began. My only complaint is that the hottest section of the upper bath is sadly ruined by the smell coming from and view of the toilet and shower area.
There are no cold water baths here, but an open-air courtyard works excellent for cooling off—especially if you can visit during one of the rare rain storms that pass over this desert.
Bring a book and a bottle of water as you take your time to really enjoy these baths. 
1st ReviewTecopa use to be amazing. It was a county run bath with clear clean water at a constantly hot temperature... then the county out-sourced the bath to a for-profit company and the baths have gotten worse and worse. The water is amazing with a great slippery feel. The baths are gender separated and nude.  Inside there are showers with spring water and two baths. An enclosed hotter one and one with more of an open air feeling which should be cooler. There is also an outside sitting area. Nearby there are free natural rotenburo in the desert. Ask locally or search online for more information about them.

Tecopa Hot Springs Resort

Japanese Name: テコパ・ホット・スプリングス・リゾートPrefecture: CaliforniaCity: California, USAAddress: 860 Tecopa Hot Springs Rd, Tecopa, CA 92389Access: CarCategory: Hot Spring FacilityWebpage: No day useHoliday: NAHours: October - May
Review: We stayed in one of their cabins, which is like, as they describe on their website, camping with four walls. That said, the room was quaint and enjoyable. There are no showers in the rooms. The baths and the showers for all the camping and cottage customers are in a small building on the side of a small hill. Two private baths are first-come-first-served, with a request to keep bathing under 30 minutes. This is monitored using a sign-in sheet. We were afraid about getting our turn in the water, but it was easy to manage. The tubs here are simple, and there is little to them, but they do the job.
 Overall this is an excellent option for staying in Tecopa if you want to avoid fighting the winds in your tent or do not have an RV. No cell phone connection here, but the bar behind the office has WiFi. Visit Date: December 2022