New Mexico - ニューメキシコ州

Faywood Hot Springs

State: New MexicoCity: FaywoodAddress: 165 New Mexico 61, Faywood, NM 88034, United StatesType: Hot Spring FacilityWebpage: $14.00Holiday: NoneHours: 10:00-22:00
ReviewFaywood has some decent water. The entire camping and bathing complex is built on the slope of a hill formed by the spring underneath. There are day use baths and overnight only private baths. The there are 6 day use baths. 3 of them are in the gender mixed nudity area and 3 are in the bathing suit required area. The design of the baths and temprature are similar in both areas. The hot bath at least 43C and quite nice even in the summer. All of the baths are outdoors with some shade provided by the trees and verandas. The atmosphere and baths are recommended, but for the price I expected at least a clean restroom. I've seen cleaner pit toilets at free campgrounds. Same goes for the changing room which leaves a lot to be desired. There is a visitor's building being constructed on the site and hopefully it will be open soon. Until then you'll be roughing it at this spring.
Hot Spring DatapH: 7.5

Fire Water Lodge

State: New MexicoCity: Truth or ConsequencesAddress: 311 Broadway Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 87901Type: HotelWebpage:
ReviewThe Fire Water Lodge is a hot spring hotel in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Our room was about ¥10,000 a night and had a private outdoor bath. The water was hot enough to enjoy a long soak but I was left wanting something hotter. The bath itself felt like bathing in a fountain and that was a great thing. Turning the industrial style valve and hearing the water gush out of the small waterfall mouth to fill the bath was wonderful. The original hotel looked to be a 40’s or 50’s motor lodge that had been remodeled. Currently there are a few rooms with indoor private hot spring baths, a row of individual baths for rooms without a hot spring bath and a semi-private large Jacuzzi tub for hotel guests. The decor is very eclectic and fits the town well.Truth or Consequences was originally named Hot Springs and is located on top of a giant aquifer. From cowboy days and beyond the springs have been used by the residents of the valley. The unique name came of Truth or Consequences, T or C for short, when the city voted to change it’s name to that of a popular radio quiz show of the time. Today there are many hot spring hotels catering to the soakers from across the states and Canada. Some places in town do offer day bathing, but many only offer baths to customers. I chose the Fire Water Lodge from the many options for the price and the private rotenburo. It was more than worth it.The town of T or C closes early and there is not much of any nightlife so it is really feels like a Japanese onsen village in that regard. There is a great local supermarket with very friendly staff down the street. In the hotel is a great little cafe with bagels and coffee. Close by is an old style drive-in with great chocolate malts. There are many other chain and non chain restaurants to choose from and a Walmart if you have to go there.Yuko and I really loved our short visit to T or C and the Fire Water Lodge. We both want to go back if we have the chance.
Hot Spring DatapH: 7.0Well Temperature: 41.1°C