Hashimoto City - 橋本市


Japanese Name: きらくゆPrefecture: WakayamaCity: HashimotoAddress: 648-0019 和歌山県橋本市あやの台1丁目4Access: 25min from JR Suda [JR 隅田]Category: SupersentoWebpage: https://www.kirakuyu.com/hashimoto/Price: ¥650 (Weekend & Holiday: ¥750Holiday: NoneHours: 10:00-24:00
Review: A supersento in a rural big box commercial development attached to a sports gym and pool. This appears to be the gym company's only supersento outlet and some of the quirks might be due to this pedigree. The two baths change from men's and women's depending on the day. I was on the more boring side judging by the photos of the other side posted in the hallway. There was no normal indoor bath here. Inside there are some jets and a huge cold-water bath that was it. This supersento is really geared towards the sauna people. I liked it for a summer daytime visit but wondered what it would be like in the winter. The main hot bath was a huge, partially covered and entirely outside. There was a deeper part, but I think they were going for an artificial Senninburo feel. The water here was tap but not overly chlorinated. After that there also seemed to be a ganbanyoku here in the baths. Is this a Wakayama thing as I’ve only seen it at one other Wakayama supersento? (Duh, they are in the same chain.) The sign said it can only fit 3 people but it was closed due to COVID-19 so I could not peek inside. Interesting place and I guess I would visit it if I lived in the area. The other side with the rock lined baths looked more interesting. Visit Date: August 2021

Yu no Sato

Japanese Name: ゆの里Prefecture: WakayamaCity: HashimotoAddress: 和歌山県橋本市神野々898Closest Station: Kii-Yamada Station / 紀伊山田駅Category: Hot Spring FacilityWebpage: https://www.spa-yunosato.com/Price: ¥1000Holiday: 2nd ThursdayHours: 10:00-22:00
Review:This is one of the springs with the hard feeling water. It is pretty amazing to be honest and well worth the pricey entrance fee of ¥1000. They say some of the baths have Ginsen (銀泉 silver) and others have Kinsen (金線 gold) spring water but there was not much explaining the difference and the hot spring contents poster only listed one spring. (Maybe it is the filtered water vs. unfiltered?) The spring water here is king with people taking home liters upon liters of the stuff in large containers after soaking in it--and soaking in it is outstanding. The hot baths pale in comparison to the cold bath. That is the reason for coming here. Especially after getting out of the extra hot sauna. This is one place where I was not impressed by the steam sauna. It was nice but the combo of the dry sauna and the cold water bath was brilliant. There is also the best bubble bath I have experienced (stronger, bigger bubbles than usual) and a great view from the outdoor bath. Outstanding place and worth the trip.
Visit Date: July 2019 *Hot Spring Data*Spring Type: Bicarbonate spring - 炭酸水素塩泉Well Temperature: 20°CpH: 6Well Name: Yu no Sato Onsen - 湯の里温泉