Iwade City - 岩出市

Kawabe no Yu Anan

Japanese Name: 川辺の湯 安庵Prefecture: WakayamaCity: IwadeAddress: 649-6245 和歌山県岩出市中島1283144Access: CarCategory: SupersentoWebpage: http://www.yasuda-kousan.com/kawanobe-an.htmlPrice: ¥650Holiday: 3rd Wednesday of even monthsHours: 9:00-26:00
Review: Like its sister supersento Heiandai in Kannann, this supersento is connected to a golf driving range. Unlike its sister location, this supersento is somewhat plain and does not offer a natural hot spring. The aesthetics here are nothing to brag about with the standard pastel tiles used in some sento and gym baths. This place makes up for little visual appeal by offering a great selection of baths. Two cold-water ones, even. There were also numerous jets and, my favorite, a walking path for exercise (walk clockwise, please). The compact outdoor area had a lovely bucolic view of the fields leading up to the mountains separating Osaka from Wakayama in the distance—a ridge line I have hiked on the Diamond Trail. I assume the women's bath has a great view of the Kinokawa River, seeing that the other bath is on the opposite side of the building. Lastly, a quirk. All the benches here are built into the floor and made of stone. It can be found in some sento here and there but not to the extent and diversity of seats offered here. Overall, it is not worth going out of your way to visit this supersento, given much better options with natural springs nearby. However, this is an option to consider.
 The entrance fee is discounted 100 if you go in before 1 pm. Visit Date: July 2022