Shingu City - 新宮市

Nagi no Yu

Former Name: Chidori-yuJapanese Name: 新宮市公衆浴場 なぎの湯 (旧名:千鳥湯)Prefecture: WakayamaCity: ShinguAddress: 和歌山県新宮市阿須賀2丁目5Access: Shingu Station / 新宮駅Type: SentoWebpage: ¥400Holiday: SundayHours: 16:00-21:00
Update January 2020: It appears that the city has taken over management of this sento and changed the name.
ReviewOne of the two sento in Shingu that I know of. This one isn’t on google maps though. Nice small place with a very local vibe. The owner was not there when I came in but the one grandpa in the changing room told me to come in and pay when you leave. While I was changing the owner came back and I paid. Free small towel rental. Basic sento layout with a good big cold water bath. There is a giant picture of Mt. Fuji on the back wall printed on a vinyl like paper. Pretty cool looking really, but not as traditional as a tile mosaic. I chatted for a bit with the owner when I left. He asked if I was here for Aikido and I had to say I was there to ride busses. Shingu is the home of the founder of Aikido I guess. The owner was really nice and recommend me a decent izakaya for dinner. Really enjoyable rural sento. Please try it if you are in the area.